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Mod MULTIMAP V2.3 (RU V1)  for Farming Simulator 2019

Hello everyone, I had to change the translation of the name of the card and much more. Inside the archive there are several mods and the map needs to be unpacked. Added crops: carrots, onions, white cabbage, red cabbage, clover, lettuce, millet, rye, spelled, poppy seeds, hops, tobacco. Prices store: fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, manure, digestat, herbicides, flour, sugar, molasses, malt, beer, vegetable oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, schnapps, cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage salad, cake, bread, bun , mixed salad, pickles, tomato paste, food potatoes, potato pancakes, dumplings, roll cloth, shelving, boards, pallets, cardboard, paper, cigarettes, cigars, soy milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, milk, confection. poppy seeds, popcorn, oatmeal, sausage, meat. Production: 1. Oil mill 2. Creamery 3. Bakery 4. Brewery 5. Biofuel plant 6. Plant pallets 7. Sawmill 8. Chicken farm (attention to chicken to buy through Global Company production) 9. Shelving plant 10. Alcohol factory 11. Cigarette factory 12. Weaving mill 13. Flour mill 14. Feed mill 15. Seed plant and fertilizer 16. Dairy plant 17. Liquid egg plant 18. Slaughterhouse 19. Crusher 20. Pulp mill 21. Compost mill 21. Dryer for hay 22. Fermenter for silage 23. Canning factory 24. Sugar factory 25. Vegetable packaging 27. Manufacturing dstvo food potatoes 28. Food Factory Hardware store, you can buy a lime, fertilizer, seeds of fruit can be bought silage, hay, straw, grass, manure, wood chips, monosmes, pig feed, chaff. Fashion there is a technique for sawing wood 15 meters and an autoloading trailer 15 meters you can choose a size of 7.5 meters or 3 meters to choose from, you can turn on a marker to show, and 3 connectors for seedlings There are bales autoloading and cotton 2 square and 5 round Added volvo truck and 2 Ropa trailers for crops onions and carrots 11 meter plow Black MAN truck autoloading for boards, pallets, and so on gave a mod tank to get digestat, diesel, liquid eggs, molasses, vegetable oil and so gave it a different store Trailer tractor 3 types of atload board example pallets, and so on, autoload, cargo tank. Attention: the Global Company script Individual replaces the icons in Russian, in the modhab game do not update the DIGGER card translation

Credits: LS Mapping Team


Dowload1.5 GB

TAGS:(RU V1), multimap, v2.3