MountainHill Map 2021 v7.5.0.0
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Mod MountainHill Map 2021 v7.5.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2019

Mod features
- 4 options for how to start a new game (choice at first boot);
- Integrated Seasons GEO (RM-Seasons should be in the mod folder);
- In addition to retail outlets and villages, you can buy everything else (depending on the start, different);
- 11 retail outlets;
- 14 different industries;
- 3 gas stations;
- 95 fields from small to large (as well as meadows);
- 60 purchased parts of the forest, which are sometimes more and sometimes less;
- With the seasons, the map also changes (not only trees, but also roofs, snow pillars, ice, etc.) in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Support - GlobalCompany (highly recommended), Seasons, Precision Farming, ManureSystem.


Credits: El Cid


Download1.1 GB

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