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Map for quick testing of mods.

everything you need to quickly test mods.
Capes throughout the map are a separate property.

Starting as a New Farmer, you step into a fully operational farm with everything you need to get started right away.

In the new Farmer Mode:
“For starters, you own the entire map.
- All animal pens are already installed.
- You have 20 of each animal. (No horses)
- The cow pen contains milk, manure and liquid manure.
- There is manure and liquid manure in the pigsty.
- There is a separate field for each fruit.
- All fruits are ready to be picked.
- Harvested field with straw for collection.
- Cultivated field, ready for sowing or plowing.
- A plot of 25 trees ready to harvest.
- Wood crusher at the sawmill.
- Main farm with farm, silo and two barns.
- There are points of sale for everything: spinning mill, sawmill, BGA, animal merchant, barn and bakery.
- BGA has digestate in the tank.
- All water hoses provide water.
- Pressure washer in a car shop.
- Field missions in the fields when they don't belong.
- Transport missions.
- You have one for each of all pallets from the store.
- 3 egg boxes and 4 woolen trays.
- Own a stack of each type of bale.
- Starter park for most jobs.
- Gas station
- Test ranges of vehicles:

Not a new farmer:
- Field missions.
- Transport missions.
- Gas station
- Points of sale for everything.
- Test ranges of vehicles:
- And a couple of piles of dung.

NEW SAVE GAME REQUIRED! Sorry for the inconvenience.

- Added a riding track along the edge of the map.
- Added dirt roads and field access.
- Added one tree of each type to the test tree zone.
- Replaced the curbs of the suspension test area with new speed bumpers.
- Added potatoes, sugar beets, sugarcane and +50,000 farm silage storage containers.
- The appearance of the animal pens, sawmill and BGA zones has been changed.
- Added some decorations for the map and buildings.
- Added dividing borders around locations.
- Replaced the lime station with filling stations for: seeds, fertilizers, lime, water, liquid fertilizers and herbicides.


Credits: NinjaCurt


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