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Mod MINIBRUNN MAP V2.1.1.0 for Farming Simulator 2019

Welcome to Minibrunn

-bushes can now be planted via the landscaping tool
-new deco plant created for planting via the landscaping tool
-further filling types added to the price list
-corrections to seasons settings
-corrections to various light sources
-fixed floating lamps at the gas station
-more terrain angle (11.25 ° instead of 45 °) (PC / MAC only)
-added support for mod "HoT Animated Object Extend" (PC / MAC only)
-propeller plane added over Minibrunn
-hot-air balloons added over Minibrunn
-panorama border revised
-fixed missing collision at the gas station and on the old Lizard tractor
-deleted old file in the sounds folder
-fixed error at the biogas plant
-stacker at the dealer now available on all levels of difficulty
-stacker is no longer "tabbable"
-floating priority (traffic) sign fixed at the cattle dealer
-weed removed below field 11 (only active with new savegame)
-straw selling station revised
-fixed transport missions error
-guard rails now cast shadows
-various cosmetic corrections and adjustments (for example more decoration on the map)
-color temperature of all light sources revised
-Seasons: added frozen lake
-Seasons: created winter version of the alpine panorama
-Seasons: created snow version of the spruce trees
-Seasons: added autumn and winter textures for shrubs, decorative plants and aquatic plants (winter only)
-Seasons: masking revised for each season
-Seasons: fixed a bug with the aquatic plants

Credits: TopAce888


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