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Mod MAP "VARVAROVKA" V1.0.7 for Farming Simulator 2019

The map "Bar" will transfer you for a good 60-70 years. When entering the village one can see the “CLABA CPCC” sign in large red letters. In many places of the road, the child is beaten, which is only reproducible. Despite the 60s, the accent in all parts of the wood is electric, and the railways are just as bad. LOCATION is not very large, and is about to take place: fields, rides, transport. SPECIFICATIONS OF THE CARDS: - Diminutive capacity and disparate attacks for the entire example. - in a lot of perks. In general, the road is worthwhile for every trip, anyway, and cover with cracks and chocks. - The hostel of each village house is a gardener. - 41 fields of various sizes. - Russian traffic. Changes v1.0.7: - The problem of hangup was solved, especially when jumping onto the train. -Removed warnings that occurred when updating the game. Author's words: The guys have a tap on the map, which is taken from the game itself and there are warnings for it, if you use it, there will be more warnings in the log, they are not terrible, but according to experience, all computers react differently. Now I have sewn the crane into the map and corrected the errors, but the old crane will remain in the old preservation. Who will start again will not be problems. To fix this, you need to find the items file in saving and open it via notepad (but copy the file somewhere beforehand (just in case)) Find this line (there are two in the map) data / placeables / crane / crane.xml Change to this: $ moddir $ FS19_Varvarovka / maps / placeables / crane / crane.xml

Credits: polyakdemon,Aleksey Potanin


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