Map Pioneers v1.2.0.0
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Mod Map Pioneers v1.2.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2019

We return to the 1980s to take on the role of a settler who has established a new farm somewhere in the middle of western Brazil. There is full multiplayer support for playing with friends.
Mod features
- You have to create fields and build a farm yourself.
- In addition to the original crops, there are additional crops on the map such as beans, sorghum, and rice.
- The map comes with 2 points of sale of grain, Terra Nova cooperative, Terra Nova terminal 01 cooperative.
- Sale of wool and cotton at a spinning mill.
- Sale of wood chips and logs at Yuji Logging.
- Contains 3 points of water intake, marked with icons on the map.
- Sale of potatoes, beets and sugarcane at the Terra Nova 01 cooperative terminal
- The milk will be sold at Deteínios Dete.
- Selling eggs in the Armazém da Lady.
- Sale of bales in Comércio de Balos.
- Purchase of limestone in Porto.

Authors: Granjeiro, Lostgamer, Vergamini Modding

Credits: Granjeiro


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