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High-quality detailed German map of Herzberg from Spieler11 for Farming Simulator 19.

Card features:
- 15 fields that can be combined;
- Added additional crops: white cabbage, red cabbage, tobacco and poppy. They are needed to start certain productions;
- There is no space for the placed objects;
- There are no square or rectangular fields on the map, which is not convenient for assistants;
- The dump point places your cars right in front of the yard;
- Railway tracks;
- Points of sale;
- There is a large granary;
- There is a warehouse for seeds, lime and solid fertilizers, as well as a warehouse for herbicides, water and liquid fertilizers - they must, of course, be filled first;
- To use the yard gas station, it must be pre-filled;
- A suitable trailer is needed to transport liquids (originals do not work, as they can only load water or milk);
- To buy goods you have three points of purchase on Vfg;
- Lime can be bought at the station or produced at a gravel factory.

Weak PCs may have low FPS.

Field sizes:
Field 1 (field01): 16,252 ha
Field 2 (field02): 24,030 ha
Field 3 (field03): 32,186 ha
Field 4 (field04): 6,592 ha
Field 5 (field05): 1,012 ha
Field 6 (field06): 16,798 hectares
Field 7 (field07): 16,991 ha
Field 8 (field08): 11,344 ha
Field 9 (field09): 10,604 hectares
Field 10 (field10): 8,543 hectares
Field 11 (field11): 7,846 ha
Field 12 (field12): 21,776 hectares
Field 13 (field13): 13,687 ha
Field 14 (field14): 21,543 hectares
Field 15 (field15): 22,493 hectares

Required mods:
Global Company;
Easy Autoload;
Manure System.


Credits: Spieler11


Download720.9 MB