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Mod MA PETITE VALLEE V2.0 for Farming Simulator 2019

Hello everyone
Here is my little valley version 2 compatible mods seasons maps multi fruits

Correction of small beugs

I put your attention that the farm is installed and set for the mods seasons and if possible do not delete anything if you want to make your own farm a large plot is available but will buy it
You will find 31 fields, 4 forests,
You can manufacture your compost, fertilizer, diesel
seeds, pigfood, liquid fertilizer, beetpulp, for your exploitation or sale ....
As well as 2 places for greenhouses and 1 vineyard

You will be able to make oil, bread, beer, malt, milk, washed potatoes, flour, dehydrated grass, and all salable at some points of sale.

You have 1 pasture for your cows that provide milk and pasture for your sheep that provides wool ....
Playable solo or multi
A mining operation installed but not yet functional for now !!!!
and 1 large land that you can buy for new farm or something else ....
Many points of sale for the competition ...
After several tests The maps have no bugs and quite functional ...

Credits: fanfan80


Dowload1.3 GB

TAGS:Petite, ma, V2.0, Vallee