BLOX FARM IN 1857 V1.1
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Mod BLOX FARM IN 1857 V1.1 for Farming Simulator 2019

Version 1.1
I've looked at all mod presentations of my maps and read all the comments on this, I noticed a few things that I did not like or bothered you, so I have adapted you in this version on.

- floating trees set correctly
- At the industrial site opposite the gas station, I have enlarged the gates and set barriers
- English names in German changed among the pigs, the sheep and the horses

- You can now sell oats in addition to the horse ranch on the land trade and Nordtransport
- Sign, where the milk can be sold at the country trade
- The industrial areas are now information signs, which can be sold if needed, but do not cost you
Day maintenance, as well as the industrial buildings

Cards Fakts:
slightly hilly to hilly, for medium machines,
Fields partially on a hillside
Season Ready
complete yard - placeable, put together,
There was not so far

Industrial Property - Replaceable buildings through placeable productions because you can sell them
Cost no daily maintenance

2 very small places with pedestrians Könn and Detbiß

Speed cameras at more than 70 km / h (out of town), more than 30 km / h in towns in Könn) or more than 50 km / h (in the city of Detbiß)

8 outlets, plus the BGA when buying the property
51 fields and 3 meadows, 9 designated forest areas
60 purchasable properties
2 gas stations

Credits: Papaherz


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