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Altenstein is a small cozy map, which is mainly intended for old equipment or small cars. Whether you work in the field, in the stable or in the woods, it's up to you. The map can offer: - 24 fields - 8 meadows - 2 forest plots and a sawmill - 5 stables for animals (cows, pigs, sheep, horses, chickens) - 1 car dealership with a workshop - 1 farm workshop - 13 different outlets - 1 trade in the country (sale of seeds, fertilizers and lime) - 2 gas stations (1x in the village, 1x on the farm) - 1 BGA with 3 bunkers - 2 public water supply points, 1 fountain in the yard - Contracts are possible - Availability of transport and pedestrians - no launch fleet The map is not ready for the seasons and has not been tested with any extensions. Therefore, there is no guarantee for the mods used, such as Prec. Farming, manure system, etc. The map was converted by me from FS17. Unfortunately, when cleaning the map, a small error crept in, which, despite the great help of the community, has not been eliminated to this day. The map has been working flawlessly so far, so the author decided to upload it as a beta version, despite a small error. The map is probably getting an update to the full version 1.0. :!: Therefore, please note: after creating a placeable object, such as the Kärcher high-pressure cleaner, it is necessary to save the map and restart the game. Then the constructed object works. :!: Unfortunately, this has to be done after each construction of the object. Otherwise, the author did not notice anything even after many hours of testing, and so far all the agricultural things are working.

Credits: Pandory


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