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Mod JOHN DEERE GRAPPLE YARDER V1.0  for Farming Simulator 2019

This is a skyline with a grip to pull logs from hard to reach places. Just activate the yard, get out of the car, attach the rope to the tree near the logs that you want to pull out. -You can attach the rope at different heights (1-10 m). -you can switch between active yards and see their status -you can show the rope before attaching it, to better see the direction between the tree and the yader -You can display information about the yard, like distance to the tree, capture height, angle to the tree and etc. in 3 modes -You can use it as a log loader / unloader, but always activate the yader before working with logs (this is harder) -always deactivate the yader during transportation (for less weight) -You can switch the output / input to the capture or car -all e Controls can be installed in your Inputbindings - in your game folder there will be an xml configuration file in which you can change many parameters - you can speed up the movement of the grab (recommended only if empty) - always park the ground on a very flat surface before use or it can be very unstable -You can additionally choose a rear trailer trailer (1395 kW is good for towing other vehicles) -when running from 150m or further, the steering is disabled (due to stability) a: 410,000 € - power: 1896 hp Management: KEY_B - activate / deactivate the car (car) KEY_X - attach / disconnect the rope of the rope from the tree (player) KEY_Z - go to the next active player (player) KEY_V - show / hide the rope (player) KEY_Y - set the height of the yard rope (player) ) KEY_lctrl KEY_S - toggle the speed of movement (vehicle) KEY_lctrl KEY_E - toggle switch for exit / entry (vehicle) KEY_Z - toggle the HUD menu on the car (car) KEY_lalt KEY_KP_4 / 6 - to move forward left / right (vehicle) KEY_lalt KEY_KP8 - move forward / in of (vehicle) If you find any bugs or problems, please let me know in the comments or at

Credits: kenny456


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