FDR Logging Mods Pack JAN/31/2020 v1.0
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Mod FDR Logging Mods Pack JAN / 31/2020 v1.0 for Farming Simulator 2019

Mod update notes (January / 31/2020)
New mod - Timberpro 765 Black Widow
New Mod - Truck Raised Giants
New mod - service trailer
Novy Mod - Autumn Valley Logging Map

Bug Fixes - Fixed a bug leading to a massive list of bugs due to duplicate specializations when loading a new game / equipment
Bug fix - a bug was fixed due to which the game constantly tried to re-bind existing key bindings, causing slow loading at times

All maps - Trex Physx update (new more stable trees for capturing and using all cars, not so slippery on the ground and in the grab)
All attachments - weight and balance adjustment
All trailers - added more weight for less energy and more weight
All “Tires” - fixed “dark” dimming in dark areas with a new reflection, now brighter in dark areas
All Tires - Best Tire Dirt
All Buncher Heads - added end plate cover on top of cutting saw
All Buncher heads - collision, spawning, and overall functionality improvements

Cat D6k Dozer - a remote winch due to a conflict with a skidder, now you can use the skidder for a winch while using a bulldozer for plowing
Fixed Power Clam - added cylinders
Forestry Grinder - Improved cutting speed and log / bit detection for grinding
C350 Buncher Heads - improved grip with the collector, ease of grip, less chance of tree sticking on the blade
Small hand with a suspended head - a small increase in size for better grip of logs
Giants Hauler truck - added more weight and traction, now you can pull several cars on one trailer
Giants Hauler Truck - Tons of stability and improved traction
Barko Forwarder - has a wider bunk on the back for loading more wood
Freight Forwarder Barco - Can Now Be Locked
Forwarder Barko - Fixed missing axes
Cat535d - Fixed Missing Axles
Low loader trailer - Fixed slip error when parking cars
Low loader trailer - lowered frame and ramp, simplified loading / transport
Lowbed Trailer - The dirt removed from the boards had a strange repeating texture effect
Cat 551 - Fixed a bug due to which the stick fired during the first appearance of the machine
Cat 325fm - Fixed a description of the problem, which said that it was madilla
Cat 325fm - Fixed Missing Pin and Offset Cylinders
Madill2850 - fixed missing pins and offset cylinders
Tigercat880 - Fixed Missing Pin and Offset Cylinders / Rod
Linkbelt5040 - Fixed Missing Pin on Cylinder
Timberpro 765 - Fixed Light Blocks Sticking Into the Cab
Timberpro 765 - fixed bolts with visible mounting on top of the cab
Tigercat Clambunk - now locks onto the lower bed
Sawmill - Improved collision and cutting capabilities when feeding logs to the crusher

Credits: FDR Mods


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