Claas Mega Pack v1.0.0.0
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Contains: Claas Mega 208, Claas C 600, Claas cutting block carriage from VertexDezign.
The Mega 208 has a powerful MB OM 366LA engine and a suitable 6m wide C600 header in a price performance class.
Specifications :

Claas Mega 208:
400 l or 500 l diesel tank
7500 L or 8000 L Grain Bunker
OM 366LA until 1994 with 200hp
OM 366LA since 1994 with a power of 235 hp
Work lights front and rear
Speed: 25 km per hour

Claas C 600:
Working width: 6 m
Working speed: 16 km per hour

Credits: VertexDezign, Landmensch


Dowload30.0 MB

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