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Mod AGCO IDEAL ULTI V1.0.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2019

Has a speed of 100 km / h
has a capacity of 100k liters
This is the AGCO IDEAL Pack. Included is the ideal and his reapers with matching cutting unit carriage. 
Price: 465000 € 
Performance: Ideal 8 538 hp and Ideal 9 647 hp Category: Combine Harvester / Cutter / Cutter Trailer 
Configuration: Wheels: - Crawler, default, wide tires and double tires Harvester: - Fendt in black and green - Massey Ferguson in grey and red - Challenger in orange and yellow - Design colors in the seat as in the outer cabin - Choice of color on rims - Warning signs installed Attachments: - Color configuration as ideal Cart: - suitable size for AGCO Attachments - Color configuration as ideal - Choice of color rims Animation: Please note, the vehicle is permanently in the help window / vehicle selection, permanently separated from the attachment or the attached vehicle, if you want to move the doors, select on the vehicle !!! - Cardan shaft animated by the feeder - Broadened ascent with double tires - Broadening the warning signs and lights in the front - Open the door on the left with the N button and close it with the J button - Open the door on the right with the M button and close it with the K button - It can also control all movements with the mouse or the gamepad.

Credits: Ahran Modding


Dowload23.3 MB

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