Toyota FJ40 Bull Catcher v1.0.0.0
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Hello everyone Today I present to you my Toyota FJ40 Bull Catcher mod. It has:
- Realistic sounds
- The player moves his legs and steering wheel correctly
- Working textures
- Working main lights
- And much more!

This is a very early version. This mod was a mod that I made in 2 days. This is a mod that distracts me from the 1 gigabyte mod, as it is a headache. Since it is already 2 days old, there are some errors in it, such as:
- LUA needs to be cleaned (but it still works)
- External ARB indicators do not work.
- Roof collisions need to be removed in the next version.
- Color selection does not work
- Minor errors, etc.

Also, it works great! I used other authors' code and i3D files and compiled it all into the "edits" mod. Enjoy!

AUTHORS: Trigger Modding, Expendables, Hounds Modding, SDK Mods, Farmer FanBoy and GIANTS.

Credits: Trigger Modding, Expendables


Download40,5 Мb

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