Range Rover Classic [LR Exp Version] v1.0
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MOD Range Rover Classic [LR Exp Version] v1.0 for Farming Simulator 2019

1970 Range Rover
- Price: $ 50,000
- Body and rim color changeable
- The add-on includes:
- 2 types of tires
- 6 discs
- 2 front designs
- Light panel on the roof
- spoiler
- Wings
- 2 engines (with additional exhaust)
PS: ProCam is mounted on the rear bumper for easy trailer attachment

Credit: Dave7810 for a 3D model.

Fixed some textures
Fixed problem with refueling
LR Exp logo
Stock chassis and tire width made.
The player's exit position has also changed

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Range Rover Classic V1.

Credits: JBL Modding MyGameSteam


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