BIGFOOT 4x4x4 v2.0.0.0
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MOD BIGFOOT 4x4x4 v2.0.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2019

BIGFOOT 4x4x4: BIGFOOT II version

Accurately scaled truck and tires. Full dynamic suspension, Body roll, Nitrous oxide.

An old style monster truck that can still do jobs like farming.

Scripts for driving in the air, wet tires in water, engine shaking and inner chamber, and character model and operating mode simulating 4x4 Low when mounted on tools / trailers.

Crab Steering Options for 4x4x4 (4 Wheels, 4 Wheels, 4 Wheels Steering)

Time of creation: 1.75 years.

Price: $ 250,000
Wattage: 1245

* Requires "Category Adder" mod.

Changelog: v2.0.0.0

-Model updated / improved.
-Texture updated / improved.
-Vehicles now look wet when it is raining (except for the building).
-Sound setting reworked (same sounds).
-Scenario added to control rotation speed when speed limit is active.
-Now has 10 interactive controls. (Open windows, turn on lights, wipers and start and stop the engine, all from the inside at the touch of a button.)

Changelog: v1.5.0.0

-Mirrors, headlights added.
-Side marker lights come on.
-Added new parameter Suspension.
-Added many other animations, including: rear steering switch on the driver's door, gear selector, throttle lever on carburetors, headlight and wiper switch / knobs, needles of all 11 gauges now work, steering shafts under the hood now rotate, air lever flaps pressed to start engine and wipers.

Required modifications:
- Category adder (Author: ViperGTS96)

Credits: ViperGTS96



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