Lizard Sadie v1.0.0.0
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Mod Lizard Sadie v1.0.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2019
Lizard Sadie is a compact cleaner for your pet food spill cleaning needs. The convenient front pick-up allows spilled feed to be collected directly from the ground and stored in the rear tank. Unloading is easy with left, right and rear unloading options, so you can easily return the feed to the chute or store it for later use. Sadie will be happy to collect grass, silage and pig feed.
Sadie's little update will turn it into a feed delivery system so you can easily store your TMR, pig feed, grass or whatever you feed your animals and deliver them directly to the feeder with the convenient side discharge.
Void your warranty by removing the security chip and Sadie will take all bulk materials!
- Unloading options left, right and rear
- Cover, with many design options
- Extended control panel with detailed status display
- Warm side lights to avoid disturbing animals at night
- Multiple wheel options
- Multiple color options for main, design, rim and decal (4 separate color palettes)
- Intelligent pick limiter to avoid overfilling - As a result, the tank may not fill completely. This is normal and completely normal as another segment of the material strip will overload the tank. This is a feature; not a bug :)
Recommended Mod (PC only) "Inside Camera Zoom", which allows you to zoom in on the dashboard.
Capacity: 25000 liters
Maximum speed: 43 km / h (26 mph)
Fill type configurations
Spills for animals: grass, hay, silage and pig feed.
Most products: wheat, barley, oats, canola, sunflower, soy, corn, dung, seeds, TMR, feed, chaff. Silage, straw, grass, hay, sugarcane, fertilizers, pig feed and lime
All: All bulk materials (used for custom crops, etc.)

Price: $ 142,000

Credits: Mantrid


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