Ural pak9 (V1. 0 SinW)
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Mod Ural pak9 (V1. 0 SinW) for Farming Simulator 2017

Set of models of trucks with a trailer for playing Farming Simulator 2017

A semi-trailer timber truck goes to the truck tractor, with not free auto-loading (logs up to eight meters, platform hydraulic jack, load securing belts). This is also the case with an ordinary trailer of the same profile, but under a length of 5 m. The manipulator is fully operational and suitable for loading.

Allowed to choose wheels from three types, several engines and designs.

The simple airborne Ural is intended to transport products specifically on the map: SibAgroCom, Perestroika, Russia, Gifts of the Caucasus. In a capacity of 12,000 liters, if you can pull the tent. The agricultural version has a build-up on the go before loading (9000/12000/18000 capacity).

Credits: artemich,kot_games17,the fixer,SinW


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