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Mod Buhalovo 2 new for Farming Simulator 2017

The map offers us to plunge headlong into the development of our own collective farm in a village with the same name. The village of "Bukhalovo" is located in the Russian hinterland, the terrain is completely flat, surrounded by many forests, which disposes to forestry. There are many things that distinguish this map from others, the first is perhaps the added missions: support the work of the bakery, carry flour and water to it. After the bakery makes bread, you can also work as a driver, the mission is to transport bread to the nearest shops. There is a cement factory on the map that also needs your help. It is necessary to carry sand from the sand pit to the factory, but to complete this mission, you will need an excavator and a powerful tractor with a large trailer to transport sand from the quarry. Do you want to go into the fuel business? Buy a gas station, and carry fuel to it that will be sold on it. And the last mission on this map is the transportation of wood and boards. You will need special equipment and trailers. Don't want to do tasks? Then get involved in the cultivation of agricultural crops, from the new author added the ability to grow: sunflower, cucumbers, carrots + standard crops. For lovers of animal husbandry, it is possible to grow: cows, chickens, fish, sheep, bulls and pigs (Some of them can be sold). On the map "Bukhalovo" there are 12 fields, 2 farms, 2 villages. There are two points of sale. All cultures are standard. There is traffic, a dirt script. Changes: v2.5.3: - Minor edits. v2.5.2: - New cowsheds; - Added a vegetable storage, there is also the production of washed beets, potatoes and points of sale for these products; - Changed some textures and models.

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Credits: ben686


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