Freightliner Argosy v2.8 [1.45]
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Changelog 2.8 – Adapted for 1.45 – Bug fixes – Fixed Axle for the ETS2 Adjustable Suspension Height Features: – Engine and interior sounds converted to FMOD Sound System, – Added openable windows, – Improved interior animations (working analog clock among others), – Rescaled interior model to match the truck model, – Moved interior model/view to the proper position, – Separated ext-interior model from the truck model, – Merged both interior model into a single one with variants, – Adjusted idle/max rpm for all engines, – Made the GPS a separate interior accessory, – Added all the steam inventory hanging toys, – Made some fixes to shadow casters and UI shadow, – Lots of other fixes and optimizations.

Credits: harven, lucasi


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