FORD CLT 9000 v1.2 - 1.50
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FULL version includes: Truck added to traffic (2 versions). Truck in quick jobs (3 versions). Truck in truck browser. Big sleeper cabin. Low chassis (2 versions). More bumper models. More fenders models. Cummins engines. Templates for skins. Metallic paint. Get instructions. Send me an email. FORD CLT 9000 v1.2 LITE (ETS2 1.50.x): Adapted to ETS2 1.50.x. 3 cabins (BIG SLEEPER ONLY IN FULL VERSION). 7 chassis (LOW CHASSIS ONLY IN FULL VERSION). Quick jobs (ONLY IN FULL VERSION). Desktop truck (ONLY IN FULL VERSION). Corrected MAT and DEF files. Fixed cabin accessories position. Fixed low chassis. Locale files improved. Corrected bumper plates. Added license plate light. Metallic paint (ONLY IN FULL VERSION). Added to traffic (ONLY IN FULL VERSION). And some more fixes and improvements… You need SiS’L megapack to have all cabin accessories available. Clean gamelog!! Credits: CTV, Corvette, Rushour109, Robinicus, Zeemods , Tigger, Frankity

Credits: CTV, Corvette, Rushour109, Robinicu


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