ZIL 4421 LIGHT TUNING V8 [1.24 - 1.36]
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Changes in v09.12.19 Update for 1.36 Fix in archive Changes in v04.09.19 cables for trailers added Added three modes for wipers, Fixed a bug with the right mirror on the hood now it does not hang and everything is visible Standalone For sale in Iveco Own interior Own sound DLC Cabin Accessories Support Tuning included: Original truck ZIL_4421_126.scs for versions 1.24 - 1.30 Fix_ZIL_4421_for_1.31.х.scs for work on 1.31 - 1.36 Anton Aronson, vovangt4, Prime044 updated & modifications funyash

Credits: Anton Aronson, vovangt4, Prime044


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TAGS:1.36, 4421, Tuning, light, 1.24, Zil, v8