Quick Jobs with Modded Trucks v1.0
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Mod to make some of the workshop modded trucks appear in quick jobs You MUST be subscribed to these truck mods in order for them to appear in the quick jobs,this mod DOES NOT use any assets and/or content from these truck mods and obviously will NOT add said trucks to the game,it only enables them to be used in quick jobs so you still need the original truck mods themselves. Supported modded trucks are: -Ford F-Max -Mercedes MP1 and MP2 -Mercedes Arocs -Scania T & T4 series version for 1.40.x -Some of the RJL Scania G,R,R4 & Streamline series I made this mod for personal use only but i choose to post it as public for those who want the aforementioned trucks in their quick jobs,i repeat again this mod DOES NOT use any assets or absolutely anything from the aforementioned mods,you still need the mods in order for this to work properly,this only makes said mods able to appear in quick jobs,all credits for the aforementioned mods go right to their owners and creators not to me. Some credits also go to Marviluck creator of Modded Trucks in Quick Jobs mod which was my inspiration and from which i also copied the F-Max and Meteor scripts(the other ones i made myself) also he's the guy who patiently explained to me how to do this whole thing given there's no tutorials nor anything similar related to the quick jobs on the internet. WARNING:it may contain errors specially if you don't have the trucks mentioned you will get quick job offers that show as blank(see screenshots) where there's supposed to be a truck image,if you accept those jobs you crash the game,that mostly happens when you don't have the truck mods but can also happen if you do and its a bug i don't know how to fix,this is a mod made for pure enjoyment by an amateur DO NOT treat it as a professional work nor try to attack it as a copyright infringement since it uses nothing from the required mods,you NEED the mods to use this,use it at your own risk aswel since it may or may not cause crashes,you've been warned A rating and some feedback is always welcomed just don't be toxic please,remember this is a mod made by the community for the community

Credits: SH@dow98 , Marviluck


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