MZKT Volat-741351 (Rework) - 1.46
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Truck MZKT Volat-741351 For ETS2 latest versions 1.45 and 1.46. DESCRIPTION: Autonomous, does not replace anything, VOLAT and DAF modifications are bought from dealers. Has 1 chassis 8×8. Fuel tank 3000 liters. 3 wiper modes. Has standard tuning. Own wheels of 8 types. Spiral cables with physics. There is no advanced hitch. There is no window animation. Last changes: Attention: Errors are excluded, since the mod was tested on a test profile! Envelope of the entire 3D model and animation (SCS Blender Tools). Calibrated the diameter of some wheels due to a collision conflict on the chassis. Added new inventory to the interior and bonuses from STEAM. Added a huge number of engines and sounds to them. Added support for metallic color. Added support for megapack of skins from Master_Yoda (Army and Rusty paint) Fixed bugs in other previous versions! Fixed in-game log for 100% clean status. Latest test on ETS2 version: Work is also provided on versions 1.44 and 1.45. All good mood and pleasant travel!!! Credits: Author: Igor Schwagerus 3D Model Conversion: Master_Yoda. Other developments: Master_Yoda. Army and rusty skins: Master_Yoda.

Credits: Igor Schwagerus


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