Mitsubishi FUSO SuperGreat v1.40 [1.40.x]
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ETS2 1.40x compatible -1.40 compatible fix some materials for 1.40 shader. dashboard model adjustment. You may put author names (Koutsu,Inonaka) when you re-upload and edit the mod. Do not upload model files to 3D library site. Model files can be use non-commercial modding only. Model Model license provided by crowd funding achievement. Author will take legal actions when you violate the license agreement. -Speedometer is different from actual speed.(Realistic setting) -Left-hand traffic Interior only -Japanese Domestic Market Edition -sold at Mod Dealer (FUSO) -open window animation is Internal only. Credits: Koutsu,drobuta,inonaka

Credits: Koutsu,drobuta,inonaka


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