Kamaz 5460/6460/65201/65117/4326/65221/6350 [1.36.x]
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Kamaz 5460/6460/65201/65117/4326/65221/6350/43118 + Dirt Skin v1.36 Find in KamAZ (Access mod dealer) 1 cabin 8 chassis (2 bdf) 19 engines (6 JAMZ, 7 KAMAZ, 6 Cummins) 15 Transmission (6 Kamaz, 9 ZF) His salon its sounds Its wheels Many tuning Supports DLC Cabin Accessories Support dx11 Changes: Full update for 1.36, updated all the 3D models for the new patch, fixed bugs in the log!, added trailer cables in all chassis Inside the archive are: KAMAZ, mod AWD, skin Dirt, and template KAMAZ and “Dirt” Credits: Koral, adaptation for 1.36: Phantom94, thanks to Лёха72 for the tips and help in fixing mod errors

- A lot of work has been done with registration of trucks and trailers:
- The weight of trailers, truck chassis is specified to the real ones according to the passport, also concerns the weight of goods, now the weight is more close to the real one
- For KAMAZ, added a light in the cockpit (dumis is called "svet" - located next to "migalki", only 4 options) - the light is turned on by pressing K (now it does not conflict with flashing lights)

Credits: Koral, Phantom94


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