FORD 1210 – 1.44/1.45
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Fixed bugs in previous versions. Enjoyable games! —————————————————- 5 Types of Seat Upholstery Slots Shaft Animation Glass and Arm Animations Slot Animated Back Mat Animated Air Gun 2 Types of Sunshade Slots 2 Kinds of Karasor Reflectors 2 Types of Front Cover Slots 2 Types of Front Bumper Slots 5 Types of Rear Bumper Slots 7 Types of Rear Mat Slots Front Mat Slot Right Fuel Tank Slot Left Fuel Tank or Chest Slot Water Can Slot Inner Mat Slot Inner Flag Slot Rear Cabinet Slot Canvas Slot Sunshade and 6 Different Sunshade Top Text Slots Ceiling Iron Pipe Slot Foil Slot Iphone GPS Slot Profit Slot Curtain Slot Mirror Reflector Slot Louver Reflector Slot Sunshade Reflector Slot 2 Different Body Slots 8 Different Load Slots and many more slots that we did not write in this mode! Credits: ENES ÇAKIR(ÇakırMods) — ÖMER ENTERİLİ( VanlıÖmer)

Credits: ENES ÇAKIR(ÇakırMods) — ÖMER ENTERİ


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