Volvo New FH 2023 - 1.48
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Main features: Realistic Visual : The Volvo FH Mod presents a detailed model faithful to the original truck, providing a realistic and immersive visual experience. Enhanced Performance : Feel the difference in your truck’s performance with adjustments made to increase power and drivability. Take your deliveries to new levels of efficiency and speed. Personalized Interior : Immerse yourself in the Volvo FH cabin, with a personalized interior, ergonomic seats and dashboards that give you a real sense of being behind the wheel. Customization Options : The Volvo FH Mod offers multiple customization options to make the truck unique. Choose different paint jobs, add accessories and improve the appearance of your vehicle. Compatibility : The mod is compatible with the latest versions of Euro Truck Simulator 2, ensuring you can enjoy this experience regardless of game updates. More than 70 Options Among them: Cabins Stickers Battery cover Grades bumper fenders deflectors suspension control antennae little owls rear view mirrors sconces Cushions upholstery with sound Maleiros Auxiliary cables and tanks side skirts Radio Px Pack de Skins Auxiliary LEDs Realistic Headlights Gps Insufilms Friezes paintings Exhausts tanks Credits: Pisc Games

Credits: Pisc Games


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