VOLVO FH MK1 (FH12 & FH16) 1.35.x
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-Fully standalone. -Adapted for Ets2 1.35.x game version. Few corrections in 3D model. Now rims & tires fit perfectly. Adjusted interior camera position. Fixed the on-board computer (credits to Piva). Improved beacons. Quick jobs trucks now have GPS. Modified front windshield to be able to drive in rain (windshield wipers do not remove the water). -Addon for DLC cabin accessories & SiSL Megapack included in main mod. *You need SiS'L megapack to have all the cabin accessories available. Credits: Inmen, Domas225, CTV, Pawel92, maPriv, Mar3krugel, Justin, Sergey Sergeyev, Seraoki, Pirs, Volk86, Stels, Vinzel, Axeet, Rimuus, Skorp86, IvanK, Andriuxa56, The4Farming, Solaris36, Taina95, Zeus, Dron4ik194, Vasco, Tasos978, ComandoreOne, Ogneevenko, ILyhaSedioshkin, Ventyres, Maksim Ogneevenko, Denis Filimovov, Rimuus, Kamz, Robertas14, Balkanboy, Antique, Kriechbaum, Term99.

Credits: Inmen, Domas225, CTV, Pawel92, maPr


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TAGS:MK1, fh, volvo, ETS 2, (FH12 & FH16), 1.35.x