Volvo FH5 Premium v1.8p - 1.50
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Changes v. 1.8 RIGID – added X-Low 4×2 BBOX-EF chassis (lowdeck) – added toolboxes for the chassis – added new types of sideskirts for 4×2 chassis with toolboxes (6 possible options in total) – Simple Side Protection skirts now available for blindspots – improved model of fuel tanks with steps – textures and materials of aluminium fuel and air tanks have been improved. – added chrome versions of all fuel and air tanks – added various rigid accessories for building on the chassis superstructures – added compatibility addon with rigid addon by Kast (downloadable additionally, registration in Discord is required) – added Krone Swap Body Pack compatibility addon (downloadable additionally, registration in Discord is required) – rebuilt all chassis available in the mod (new modular chassis construction concept) – added 2 more 6×2 chassis – 6×2 Tag dual wheels (WB3400) and 6×2 Tag Steerable (WB3000) – added one more skin, one more front grille variant – added UK version for branded FH16 sunshield – fixing minor bugs Credits Sanax

Credits: Sanax, UMT


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