SISU R500, C500, C600 Series Truck v1.2.7 (1.45)
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Changelog v1.2.7 -Updated the mod for game version 1.45 -Updated all animated models to file version 5 -Added part_type attribute to all accessory data units -Added steerable_lifted_axles attribute to all 8x chassis data units Features: Two cabin options; Normal and High 6 chassis options; 6×2 Taglift, 6×2 Hauler Taglift, 6×4 Taglift, 6×4 Hauler Taglift, 8×4/4 Hauler (C-series only) and 8×4/4 Hauler Taglift (C-series only) (Hauler chassis is only compatible with low loader trailers!) Two 5th wheel positions; Standard, with -450 mm offset, for general purpose and Hauler, with -140 mm offset, for heavy haulage 8 engine options; Caterpillar C13 430/470 Euro 3 (C500), Renault DXi 13 460/500/520 Euro 4/Euro 5 (R500) and Caterpillar C15 520/550/625 Euro 4 Realistic engine sounds from Kriechbaum 8 transmission options; ZF 12 S 2830 TD 12-speed, ZF 12 S 2831 TD 12-speed, Eaton Fuller RTLO-20913A 13-speed, ZF 16 S 2720 TD 16-speed, ZF 16 S 2721 TD 16-speed, ZF 16 S 2720 TO 16-speed, ZF 16 S 2721 TO 16-speed and Eaton Fuller RTLO-22918B 18-speed Loads of customization options including custom bull bars, light bars, beacons, exhaust pipes and many more! Custom UI icons Custom Truck Dealer definitions (Truck is available through the Mod Dealer under Sisu brand!) Standard paint jobs from SCS Software (UV_2 only) Custom UV map (UV_1) and templates (Utilizes the ‘new’ paint job system) Two interior trim levels Animated interior buttons and switches Cabin Accessories DLC compatible (Addon required, see below) National Window Flags DLC compatible (Addon required, see below) Advanced trailer coupling Openable windows Custom interior sound attenuation Convoy compatible LoaderSaints Original mod: RJL/Fordsonmies

Credits: LoaderSaints Original mod: RJL/Ford


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