Scania S/8x4/ [730HP] for MP v1.0
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Scania S/8x4/[730HP] for MP multiplayer Allowed for online in 1.37 Works in version 1.37 of the game There are 15 types of colorings to your taste. -- INSTALLATION -- Download this mod. Activate the mod in your profile. Log in with the same profile. In the game: buying a truck-dealer modifications - Scania. -- IMPORTANT!!!! You can't change anything on the truck. You can only change the color [Truck, wheels, etc] Configuration: 8x4, 730 HP engine, 12 gears + retarder A non-standard engine sound is used. [Scania R 2009] The following DLS are required: Michelin, Wheel Tunning, XF Tunning Pack, Mighty Griffin Tunning Pack, Actros Tunning Pack, HS-Schoch Tunning Pack, Special Transport, Raven Truck Design Pack, FH Tuning Pack, Cabin Accessories. -----------------------------------------------------

Credits: iFeniks


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