Scania R & Streamline 2009 v1.1 [1.41]
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Changelog v1.1 Fix Highline spoiler Fix all interior textures Fix all steering wheels and make new variants Add new exhaust Add new headlights Add new metallic paintjobs Add new slots for acessories (base on scs stuff and 50k_addons) This small mod project reworks and adds new parts to the old Scania R & Streamline 2009, giving it a new look using only SCS content: Suitable Highline spoiler for Scania R Suitable V8 interior (eu/uk) for Scania R Add new Streamline paintjob (normal,metallic) Add 3 news special paintjob very popular in my country (Brazil) for Highline cabs only Add more realistic exhaust system (euro 5, euro 6) Add new and reworked some options like front bumper, front fenders, rear fenders and sideskirts ( all with paint and plastic variants) WARNING: DLC Hs Schoch is require. DLC Might Griffin is require. In dlc might griffin (front mudlfaps/front grill paint and chrome) and dlc hs schoch (new low bars) will not fit with the new low bumpers (only the original high bumpers of the model present in the game) you need choose manual.

Credits: Fernando Batista


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