SCANIA NG Heavy Transport v1.0.9
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Update 1.0.9: – 8×2/6 chassis – some bug fixes – added the chassis to R and S Series – added special sunshields – optimized file structure – new fifth wheel slider – fixed some bugs Contains: cabin: flat roof for all chassis Chassis: 8×4 10×4 10×6 10×6/4 10×10 12×4 12×6 Engines: Scania DC16 123 770 HP Scania DC16 123 950 HP (Chiptuned 770) Heavy boxes: standard chrome black painted Skins: Westdijk Transport Holtrop v.d. Vlist v.d. Vlist Bloedorn Spedition Kahl Schwerlast Collett & Sons Ltd Hartmann Spezialtransporte (my own skin) Accessories: sunshields with grill and beaconholders small K-LED beacons Dynamix Heavy Duty from ATS Eugene P G R S Mod is required! Working version: 1.49-1.50.x Credits hardy, Eugene

Credits: hardy, Eugene


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