Scania Lion 164L V8 Special Megamod+Trailer - 1.48
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Truck Features There are 88 Options+Slots in the truck. Full 3D Detailed Exterior Model (GM Professional Models) 4K Ao Bake Replaceable Template.(4K) Orange Headlight Def Low Beam+High Beam Stock+Dutch+Greek+Holland+Sweden Tuning Slots Special Marvelous Light Flares Side Pipe + Hill exhaust sounds.(3 Pcs.) Stock + Tuned Realistic Power and Physics Settings Alcoa Wheels, Quality Tires and Dynamic Eagle(SCANİA Est1988) Hub Details of1998 Pahæng Table + A Lot Of Stickers Whistle+Stock(Original) Horn Options Hook Sports Protector For Exhibition. Trailer Features 27 Slots Stock+Tuned Schmitz FCP245 Special Trailer Model Detailed 3D 4k Changeable Template 4K AO BAKE Detailed Alcoa Tire and Rim the actual size mass and weight İnterior Features – 1998 Edition Special Full 3D İnterior Detailed – Sport Tuned Light+Dark Cream İnterior 2 Bone 1 Sport+1 Stock Steering Wheel (4 PCS) 3 Color Ultra Colorize Neon`s Bright Red+Purble+Sportline Blue 13 Color carefully manufactured cabin light Special GM Style Women Changeable 2 GPS improved interior cabin key lights. 4K AO BAKE Credits Gaming ModdinG

Credits: Gaming ModdinG


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