Scania G Modifications v1.4 [1.39.x]
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Changelog 1.4: -Now G series adds the cabins to the G series by RJL.(R & G series addon by RJL are required). -P series addon updated to 1.39(Just R series by RJL is required). -Added P4 series(R & 4 series addon by RJL are required). -Added new steering wheels without some buttons. -5s interiors with shorter dashboard for P series. -Reworked all interiors -New basic bumpers for P4series(They work on R4 and T4 too). -Windows animation(Thanks to Mohammad). Changelog 1.3: -Added 60 5s series interiors for each series(Short, Day, Low, Normal & Highline cabins).(120 in total). -Reworked 6 series interiors. -Added DLC compatibility for all new interiors. -Reworked the top of the Normal, Highline and Topline cabins. -Reworked spoilers for the new top of the cabins. -Fixed some textures on the cabins. -Fixed wipers position on G series I decided to update the P mods, thanks to Wolfi for let me edit his mod! This mod its standalone in dealer like R4 series by RJL but it uses the scania R chassis for the cables! You still need the RJL Scania R Link 1 Truck Modification: Link 2 Mighty Griffin DLC compatibility: Link 3 Cabin DLC compatibility: RJL, Wolfi, Nazgûl, ValheinXL(Fix), Sogard3

Credits: RJL, Wolfi, Nazgûl, ValheinXL(Fix)


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