RJL Scania G|R|R4-Series & Streamline v2.2.7 - 1.45
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The mod adds reworked versions of the Scania R-series and Streamline trucks in addition of adding Scania G and R 4-series trucks for ETS2. Fully standalone mod Changelog v22.07.30 Updated the mod for game version 1.45 Updated engine sound definitions for Convoy Updated transmission sound definitions for Convoy Updated chassis definitions Added interior sound attenuation Removed obsolete wear attributes from Truck Dealer and Truck Browser definitions Removed obsolete steering wheel animation Credits: mod creator: RJL/Fordsonmies Co-author: LoaderSaints

Credits: RJL/Fordsonmies Co-author: LoaderSa


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TAGS:1.45, R4-SERIES, Streamline, RJL, v2.2.7, SCANIA