Raba 832 + S22 & IFA Mega Mod [1.30.x]
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Hello ! This is my first way, I know it has bugs, but I said to try it, it’s the first veris, let’s get to the details: This mode includes RABA 832 and S22 but also IFA Available cabins: 832 and S22 Available chassis: 832 4X2,6X4 / 2,6X2 / 2 IFA 4X2, Tandem S22 4X2,6X4 / 2Tandem, 6X2 / 2 Available Motors: OM 403 Natural Inspiration V10 V10 OM 403X Italien Version 17,4L OM 404 Natural Inspiration V12 V8 OM 422A Scania V8 750 V8 OM 442A V8 OM 700A Volvo 750A OM 404 TURBOCHARGED V12 Available Transmissions: ZF-5 S-110 GP 8spd + crowl ZF-5 S-110 GP 16spd MB SK 16 Gang ZF ZF 16 S160 3.45 ZF 16 S160 4.46 Tuning Options Credits: ALEX,Gabi

Credits: ALEX, Gabi



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TAGS:IFA, 1.30.x, S22, mega, ETS 2, Mod, 832, Raba