MERCEDES-BENZ MP1 (1997) - 1.45
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Last change: Adaptation to 1.45 Authors: SOLARIS36. Converting the entire model and animation: MaxX_AGENT. Log improvements and fixes: MaxX_AGENT. Adaptation to 1.44: AJIEHA Adaptation to 1.45: AJIEHA Mercedes-Benz MP1 (1997) from the Author – SOLARIS36. Autonomous, does not replace anything, bought from Mercedes Your own salon. There is support for steering wheel settings – these are positions up and down, forward and backward. It has 3 wiper modes. Rich in its not great tuning. It has its own engines with shield support. 6 chassis and 1 cab. There are accessories in the cockpit and toys from STEAM. Has a personal, calibrated camera. Credits: AJIEHA

Credits: AJIEHA


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