MAN TGA v1.6.1 [1.40]
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Changelog v1.6.1 Bundles Sunscreen Text, Heavy Haul Lights & Cabin Toys TGA mods Multiple def file bug fixes for 1.40.xx Updated Steam Inventory Items Pruned redundant files from mod Partially re-activates dashboard table Reduced the ratio of the 12 speed “Heavy Duty” gearbox to 4.00 Added 540Bhp E4 engine with engine badge Removed a wiper level and tweaked the wiper animation speeds to match SCS trucks ( 3 levels) Tweaked the 5th wheel texture slightly to make it easier to see. Added SCS DLC compatibility as standard Madster, update Mondo.N, Fixes AoD_Lexandro

Credits: Madster, update Mondo.N, Fixes AoD_


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