DAF XF 116 Flower Shuttle + Trailer – 1.49
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FULL version includes: Truck and trailer integrated in one mod. Truck and trailer added to traffic. 5 Front grill models. Interior light. Sunshield with lights. 3 steering wheel models. Get instructions. Send me an email. Updated to 1.49.x. Totally reworked. Corrected wheels. Corrected too dark mirrors. Adjusted cabin camera position. New open pipe sound (credits to Slav jerry, Oxygen & Kriechbaum). Corrected all lights. Corrected lightboxes. 5 front grill models (ONLY IN FULL VERSION). Interior light (ONLY IN FULL VERSION). Added missing air horn sound. Curtain position corrected. Added 2 steering wheel model as accessory (ONLY IN FULL VERSION). Added openable windows. Corrected shadows. Added to traffic truck + trailer combo (ONLY IN FULL VERSION). And a lot of other minor corrections. Credits CTV, Shanson, Aronson, jekich1, Fenix, Slav jerry, Oxygen, Kriechbaum

Credits: CTV, Shanson, Aronson, jekich1, Fen


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