The Godfather’s ETS2 Freight Market Pack 1 v1.5
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The Godfather’s ETS2 Freight Market Pack 1 The Godfather’s Mods Company brings to u the 1st Freight Market Pack witch has 100 Skins of Real Company’s & Real Brands From Europe & Around The World and will Spawn at Random in the Freight Market , World Of Trucks Freight Market & Ai Traffic Flow to get the best out this Mod its best used with a High Traffic Flow Mod or Tweat to the Traffic Flow in the Traffic Config to 5.0 or higher The Godfather’s Mods Company & Australia Worldwide Gaming You Tube channel hold all rights to the Skins in this pack and must be giving credit if u use this pack on your Uploaded videos or Livestream on any platform u do it on thank you.. v1.1 Update (September 2023) This Update brings Bug Fixes and been updated to work with 1.48x of ETS2. v1.2 Update (Mid October 2023) This Update is for the new 1.48.5 Update to ETS2.. v1.3 Update (October 31st 2023) Fixed to work with new Updated Game & bug fixes v1.4 Update (November 29th 2023) This update is to update the pack for the new ETS2 1.49 Update also bug fixes. v1.5 Update (15th May 2024) 1.50x Update This update is the 1st for 2024 for this mod and also for the brand new ETS2 1.50x Release and new Gaming Engine. Credits The Godfather's Mods Company

Credits: The Godfather's Mods Company


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