SCS Trailer Patch v2.3.3 - 1.50
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Last changes: Convert to the latest version of ETS2 1.50. New library of MAT files (v1.50+) (old one removed) All bugs and crashes of previous versions have been fixed. The mod has been fully optimized in the ETS2 game for the latest versions. The log status is 100% [percent] perfectly clean. Tested on ETS2 – Designed primarily to run on 1.50.x+ Brief information!!! I want to tell everyone in advance why I am staying on version 1.49. Because my PC configuration does not meet the requirements of version 1.50 From now on, many mods remain frozen, now I will not update mods often. And in general, I don’t always have enough time to update something for someone As you can see, I am often busy with other things, this is earning my own piece of bread But if anyone wants to adapt to the new version, then – (Paid service). New news, I have a new website for my creativity and earnings. Credits: AUTHOR: BORA Author of the adaptation: Barinov Maxim. Converter version: Conversion Tools v2.18 [1.50+]



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