SCS BOX Trailers Off-Road Chassis [1.41.x]
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Off-Road chassis for standard SCS BOX trailers under ETS2 1.41 and higher! Recent changes: Fixed numerous bugs and bugs of the previous version.:) The off-road chassis fully Autonomous and do not replace anything.:) Now in the dealer’s standard trailers (SCS BOX) added off-road trailers.:) Added 6 versions of off-road tires and 3 versions discs for off-road trailers.:) Added dirty version of wheels and tires for off-road trailers.:) Off-road trailer is fully optimized and are easy to work on a new version of ETS 2 and up.:) Log clean 100% percent!.:) ATTENTION: Off-Road chassis are designed only for coupling with KrAZ 255 Off-Road or for coupling with some other off-road trucks! Test on ETS2 version: AUTHOR: Kish88. Correction by: MaxX_Agent.

Credits: Kish88


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