Rigid Trucks Invisible Cargo [1.43]
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Outdated god fix Changed trailer structures Adjusted 3D position Adjusted 3D modeling of loads. BY LAURO WAGNER: New brick load textures New Barrel Load Textures: Flammable, Water, Milk and Wood New Cargo Wine Barrel, Ethanol Package includes 23 pallets for trucks. Ammo – Pallet Boxes Bovine Milk – Barrel Pallet Bricks – Pallet Bricks Carrots – Pallet Packages Cell Phone – Pallet Boxes Computers – Pallet Boxes Cooking Gas Bottle – Pallet Cylinders Diesel – Barrel Pallet Drinking Water – Barrel Pallet Fertilizers – Pallet Packages Gasoline – Barrel Pallet Honey – Pallet Boxes Kerosene – Barrel Pallet Logs – Trunks Pallet Mineral Water – Pallet Boxes Nuts – Pallet Boxes Parts for Bus – Pallet Boxes Peas – Pallet Boxes Potatoes – Pallet Packages Powdered milk – Pallet Boxes Truck Parts – Pallet Boxes Watermelon and Tomatoes – Vegetables Pallet Wine Tonel – Barrel Pallet NOTE: Visible as tn_pallet NOTE: Some Maps need DLC Company. Check the list below: BAHIA BR MAP BRAZILIAN MAP BRAZIL ARGENTINA CEIBO MAP DETAIL MAP BR MAP EAA BR MINAS GERAIS MAP ELDORADO PRO BR MAP BRAZIL ROAD MAP BR GRAND UTOPIA MAP NORTH BRAZIL MAP BR WEST MAP OF BAIANO BR MAP RBR BR RC BRAZIL MAP BR BRAZIL BRAZIL ROUTE MAP SOUTH PARANÁ BR MAP VANESSA PASHMINA LAND MAP Tested on ETS2 versions 1.43

Credits: Lauro Wagner


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