Rigid Chassis Addon by Kast v1.1.3 - 1.49
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Changes in Base mod v1.1.3 and all tuck addons:(02.02.24) Added more options with cut Parlok fenders Game version 1.47.x-1.49.x This is completely new mod, keep in mind that older rigid addons plus other addons wont work with new mod. Before updating, i recommend change chassis to regular semis (to keep the odo kms) or sell trucks. With new mod, there is BASE mod and truck addons. Just download base mod and addons for truck you like to have new chassis. Mod adds. Chassis: 4xx 5700mm 6xx 3900mm 4300mm 4700mm 8xx 4100mm Body Brands: Ekeri Knapen Närko NTM Toplift VAK Parts from: Zepro Moffett Autoline Slirej Credits Kast

Credits: Kast


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