Ownable Fruehauf Tanker - 1.45/1.46
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The mod is fully converted to ETS 2. Has a clean log up to 100% (percent). Completely autonomous. Sold by ownership at Fruehauf Trailer Modification Dealer. The tanker is divided into standard and painting. Painted tanker supports any color including metallic. Does not conflict with other Fruehauf-based tankers. Does not need tuning. Working cargoes from ETS 2 (gasoline, diesel fuel, acids, etc., etc.) Working cables from ETS2 are registered – photo in the archive. An advanced hitch with trucks works. Credits Capelle, Berlin Alex, KeithD. Collaboration: AJIEHA The author of the conversion from ATS to ETS2: Master_Yoda.

Credits: Capelle, Berlin Alex, KeithD. Colla


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