Menci Venere Trailer v1.6
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Version 1.6 Fixed some issue. This mod contains the high-tech feed tank for various types of feed, with screw unloading and air cleaning, used by the largest feed companies in Italy. I added 2 versions, the Self-supporting one and the 3-axle chassis version. As for the type of loads I used the same as for the silo, so as to be able to make the most of the tank, even if it is unrealistic to transport cement. It can also be used for WOTr transports Added 3 loads: Livestock feed Chicken feed Pig feed Also contains 5 skins You can also find the semi-trailer between self-employed jobs and Wotr. The tank is skinnable by adding the xml file to mods studio2. Credits Nikdalka

Credits: Nikdalka


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