Koegel Trailers v2.1 [1.50]
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Changelog v2.1 – added compatibility for game version 1.50 Changelog v2.0a – Fix the locator of the angles morts sticker – Some minor bugs fixes and adjustments Changelog v2.0 – almost all parts were rebuild – added new saf axles – added new jost landing gear – added new led rear lights – added new rear fender models – added new iveco logo mudflap – added forklift mounting – added 2 axle chassis steering version – added 3 axle chassis steering version – added curtainsider with side walls – added interior model for all body variants – added real wiring for wabco air system – added more cargo models to the flatbed trailer – new skin templates in 8K – added xml file Credits: Dotec

Credits: Dotec


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